• West Wales, United Kingdom

Integrated Games

Pan Disability Integrated Games Programme


An integrated football games for players aged 16 years and older. The initiative will see disabled footballers playing alongside their non-disabled counterparts.

The playing format will be the traditional 11 a-side version of the game and criteria will be put in place to ensure that 6 players per team on the field of play must have a disability.

The PAN Disability League creates a playing environment suitable for most players with a disability but not all. Many players with a disability have been put off mainstream football in the past, which has seen players with a disability ridiculed or bullied. The aim of the project will be to provide playing opportunities for those players who’s ability/ social level sit between the PAN Disability League and mainstream Football structures. This would enhance the programme of activity for footballers with a disability offering more playing opportunities.


Four teams in West Wales will play each other in a round robin format over 3 game nights. When complete the winner of the group will qualify to play in the National Final.

The proposed dates of these integrated games are set as –

February 2nd – Swansea 6pm Kick Off

Game Day 1
Swansea Bravehearts v Bridgend Herons
Aber Stars v NPT Dragons

March 1st – Skewen 6pm Kick Off

Game Day 2
Swansea Bravehearts v Aber Stars
Bridgend Herons v NPT Dragons

March 29th – Aberystwyth 5pm Kick Off

Game Day 3
Bridgend Herons v Aber Stars
Swansea Bravehearts v NPT Dragons